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Hi, I'm Patricia Patriota​

Hi, I'm Patricia Patriota​

I am Brazilian living happily in Los Angeles and I have a heart throughout the world. Passionate for life, I found in photography the best way of recording my look on what fascinates and that is the way I feel complete. A business administrator specialized in sustainable development, I worked as an executive for long years, until I worked up the nerve to change everything. Many paradigms were broken until photography became my profession, as well as the certainty that it was the most liberating and certain attitude. Yes, I broke into a cold sweat, but it worked out and for many years this has been my path.

Documental photography is my passion and it makes me feel fulfilled for recording the daily life, cultures, and people on images that remain for history. Each work I accomplish is connected to my love, dedication, and passion – and that is how seek to honor what my eyes and soul capture. 

* Creator and coordinator of a photography project with photo exposition and short-film:

* Award-winning Photographer on the International Festival Brasilia Photo Show

* Author of several independent social and environmental projects for more than 15 years: and

Random Facts


Married to Fred, the world’s most wonderful nerd


Mother of Romeo and Merlin, two sweet little cats and adventurers


I love to take risks in the kitchen (no recipe, intuition yes!). When it works out is delicious!


Travelling is life (however and wherever)


Wine O'clock!


Iranian movies are wonderful! I swear!


Love, music, books, poetry, finesses, coffee, tea, vegetable garden, nature, family, friends, joy, lightness, Life!


Sustainable Lifestyle. Love It!

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